3 Ways to Speed Up Ketosis In Your Body

If you’ve been looking into the Keto diet, you’ll probably know that the goal is to put your body in a state of ketosis. Without getting too boring and overly scientific, what that really means is your body is getting it’s energy from fat. Think of it as burning fat for fuel, instead of storing it. Problem is, most people have a hard time losing unwanted pounds because their bodies are getting energy from glucose. That’s why the stubborn fat never stays off for long.

When you’re body is in ketosis you really should monitor it to know if you’re on track (a breathalyzer or urine strips can help with that). So, if you want your body to become a fat-burning furnace, then you have to get your body accustomed to tapping into stored fat for it’s fuel. “How?” you ask, well here’s the basic idea.

Firstly, consume the majority of your calories in fat form. Roughly 70% to 75% of your everyday calorie intake should be of fats. Then another 20% to 25% should be comprised of protein. Now, don’t forget the carbs! Around 20 – 50 grams of carbohydrate is best, but don’t go over 50g carbs per day.

I know, I get it. Eating fat to LOSE fat sounds kinda silly, but that’s exactly what works to burn excess fat in your body. When you provide your body with more fat than it needs, it sends a message to your brain, telling your body to stop clinging on to stored fat and start using it as fuel. So, among the many benefits of the ketogenic diet, fat loss is the most sought after. Unlike most other diets that restrict calories and fat intake, causing the body to stubbornly hold on to it’s fat stores, the keto diet solves all that.

That’s all great, but what if you want to speed up the onset of ketosis and keep your body burning fat for longer. Well, there are three ways to accelerate ketosis that you can try right now.

1. Try Intermittent Fasting

This extremely effective technique works like magic to boost ketosis when on a keto diet. Your ketosis state will kick-in much faster and your body’s fat burning ability will increase and last longer. That means you’ll be burning off excess weight all day, even while you’re not fasting.

It works because while you’re on a keto diet your body is being trained to burn fat, and when you’re fasting for most of the day, you leave your body no option except to burn off any fat your body is still holding on to.

2. Do Regular Exercise

At first, when you’re getting used to the keto way of living, you should do some light workouts and stay active. Going for a brisk walk is a great way to boost your metabolism and isn’t too tough on your body. Try to do a half hour walk on an empty stomach every morning, so that your body will use up any glycogen it has left. By doing so, any carbs you might have eaten will be depleted and you’ll be ready to boost your body’s fat burning ability.

3. Be Patient

You won’t experience ketosis overnight, in most cases it can take 4 days to a week. As humans, we naturally want to see fast results, but our bodies just don’t work like that. Stick to the keto diet principles closely, know what to eat and what to avoid and get your macronutrients in the right quantity. Remember, your intake must be at least 70% fat.

Once you get the basics in order, eat right and track your intake, then combine it with some fasting and easy exercises, you’ll have a recipe for weight loss success. You’ll soon achieve ketosis and within a few weeks your stubborn body-fat will melt off with ease. There’s no doubt, the keto diet is one of the safest and most effective weight loss systems ever. Follow along, find some recipes, use the tips I’ve share on this blog and allow yourself some time for it to work. You’ll be well and truly amazed at your results.

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