3 Steps to Easy Meal Prep On a Keto Diet

If you’ve ever thought about getting started with meal prepping on a ketogenic diet, but found yourself getting confused or overwhelmed, then you’re not alone!

Being a busy Mom, with work to deal with and 3 kids to handle, I struggled with this exact same issue. I felt like finding the time to prepare a week’s worth of meals was an impossible task, but let me tell you, meal prep is a busy mom’s dream come true.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll see that meal prep on keto is nothing more than getting organized. Firstly, organizing yourself, then your kitchen, and finally your grocery list. These three simple but often-overlooked steps will help you become a happy, efficient meal-prepping machine!

Step 1: Get Your Kitchen in Order

When you’re new to keto living you want an easy prepping solution, but most people ignore the fact that an ill-equipped kitchen can ruin your efforts, waste a lot of time and leave you feeling frustrated.

I’ve found that having these kitchen essentials will help you for years to come:

  1. A Cast Iron Skillet – Investing money on this is definitely worth it, because you’ll be cooking a lot of your meals with it. They’re easier to clean and also safer than a standard skillet.
  2. A Sharp Set of Knives – No need to go overboard with thousand dollar knife sets, but keep in mind your knife is one of the most used tools in your kitchen. You can get high-quality chef’s knives from Amazon for a decent price.
  3. A Powerful Blender – If, like me, you’re a die-hard smoothie fan, then a powerful blender will be a great addition to your list of kitchen essentials.
  4. A Slow Cooker – Feeling busy? You can cook some set it and forget it meals by simply tossing everything into a slow cooker and coming back later. It’s great for making broths too.
  5. Portioned Food Containers – If you’re going to meal prep, you simply must have air-tight durable containers to take with you anywhere. Try to get ones with decent portion sizes built in to keep foods separated.

Step 2: Get Recipes and Ingredients

There’s nothing worse than eating the same thing every day, week-in, week-out. Avoid this by stocking up on good recipes that you can make in bulk. Many new meal preppers get a bit of oil and a slab of meat and think it will be enough to keep them going.

Other than the main ingredients, make sure you get condiments such as spices, nuts, baking powder, butter, olive oil, keto sweeteners, coconut flour etc. and mix up the flavors to make your meals much more pleasurable.

Step 3: Plan Out What You’re Going To Eat

The last step before you begin cooking the meals is to know what you’ll be eating. You can try just making it up as you go along, but trust me you won’t get results that way. This is essential to save time, calculate your calories ahead of time. The good thing is, there are thousands of meal-plans already made that you can find on the internet.

Once you’ve made your plan and listed what you’re going to eat, it’s time to write a shopping list. Keep in mind, you want to avoid any processed food while browsing the isles at the grocery store.

Get Cooking!

These three steps should give you the start you need to tackle meal prep, and hopefully save you a lot more time during the week.

Put aside time on the weekend to shop, then prepare and pack your lunch boxes for the week ahead. Then simply grab a pre-made meal when you’re in a rush and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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